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02-03-2008, 02:24 PM
There has been some discussion of second op/turret lathe tooling recently. So I thought I would post some pictures of the knee tools I made for my second op lathes.

The first pictures are of one of the tools set-up to spot-face-chamfer in one pull of the handle. A spotting drill is fit in shank. The facing tool extends down into the flute of the drill. Another tool bit fits up against the facing tool and does the chamfering. I screwed up grinding the facing tool and took the cutting edge below the surface of the bit. Now the chamfer tool doesn't meet up with the facing tool and leaves a ridge. I'll have to grind another. The facing is done as a form tool so I don't plan to take off more than enough to clean up and eliminate any variation from the closer pulling the stock back from the stop. I apologize for the crappy pictures.




This picture is of one of the tools disassembled. I plan on leaving it modular so I can use different tool holders. I only made the one size of tool holders so far.



02-03-2008, 02:38 PM
Jon. Thanks for sharing! I'm normally the king of crappy pics so I know where your coming from :D
I'm waiting for a big box of tooling to arrive for my lil' turret machine. Looking forward to learning the ins and outs of all this turret stuff.