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Doc Nickel
02-09-2008, 02:12 AM
When using a powerful flash, it's best to try and offset the flash from the axis of the lens- it helps the lighting look a little more natural. We rarely see a scene in real life, with the main light source coming from just above our foreheads. :D

Flash brackets are one of those accessories that are simple to build, but often complex to design and/or use. Typically some adjustment is called for, for length, height, offset, angle and whatever else.

Dozens are available in the aftermarket, ranging from cheap and flimsy to ferociously expensive and flimsy. So I made my own. (Okay, technically this one went to a nondiscriminating customer, but many of the parts originated from brackets I'd already prototyped for my own use.)


It's big and bulky, but solid and almost infinitely adjustable. Well, except for portrait-mode shooting, but even then you could just leave off the short-arm bracket.

Bends are rough- as I said, it's just a prototype somebody offered me some cash for- but I think if it were black anodized, nobody'd care.

Clamp bolts are just stainless carriage bolts (lightly milled on two faces for smoother movement in the slots) with a stainless washer (so the knob doesn't gall on the bracket) and a simple 1-1/4" knurled knob. The knob that holds it to the camera body is the same thing, but the allen head bolt is recessed and loctited to the knob.

The two positions show the "shortest" and "tallest" possible positions. It's also possible to lean the flash way over the front for close-up macro shooting. With just the two angled pieces, the total range is about four inches left/right and just under eight up/down. Material is all just 1" x 1/4" 606i strap.


Your Old Dog
02-09-2008, 07:41 AM
That should give a nice lighting effect. I'd suggest you loose the stainless washer, let it gull and maybe make the hand hut a little larger for better grip. My experience with arraignments like that is one slight jar and they flop loose. When you decide where you want it, you'll need a good way to bind it down into submission :D