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02-24-2008, 07:30 PM
This is another one of my turret educational buys from E-Bay. Some kind of tapper.


I think it's similar in operation to the one JTiers made just a bit ago but I really haven't got my head around how it works just yet. No clutches or springs but the part the tap mounts in can move back and forth to engage dogs at either end. Floats in the middle.

I've got it apart for two reasons. One is because that's just my standard M.O., :), and two because it's got way too much shank for my turret. I was hoping to get the shank off to where I can chuck it up and/or make a new one.

But I can't get it apart!

Here's a very poor pic of the innards from above.


The two dowels serve as dogs, should be loose like the dogs at the other end, I think, but they're not. There's also 2 centerpunch marks you can barely see in that lousy pic that appear to swedge the gear for some reason. I've beat on it a little bit with no joy but if I have to I'll cut it apart ...

Just thought I'd run it by you guys first.

Thanx for any help.


02-25-2008, 10:24 PM
I couldn't see no way to get this tapper apart, so I took a hacksaw to it. The eyebrows of hindsight occurred when I found there were threads in there! Uh oh. :eek:

It was all munched up anyway. Like I need a reason to make new parts ..... :)

Here's what's left.


The shaft needs to go as that's where the threads got chopped.

The inside of that pocket where the dowel holes are is chewed pretty bad too. The piece that engages the dowels looks like a bit of keyway but it's hardened. The dowels held up for what I'm sure was a long and useful life but the bottom of that pocket sure didn't. It's a mess.

The bottom of that pocket is so bad I can't tell if this is one piece of metal or two. The backside of the gear has some circular lines that are connected all the way around, but nothing that's obviously a parting line. :confused: Had a magnifying glass on it but ....

In any event I need to save the gear while the rest is open for discussion and design review. How would you guys go about fixing this?


Had to add a note. The centerpunch marks that seem to have the gear swedged on are why I'm thinking it might be 2 parts.


02-25-2008, 11:15 PM
Think it's the rear axle bearing on a honda motorcycle, uses a threaded lock ring with two punch marks at the join to lock it in. standard procedure is to drill out the punches remove the lock ring.