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mike thomas
12-31-2001, 08:59 PM
Does anyone have experience, with this series of mill, that they would be willing to share? What would one in fairly good condition be worth? Is there a value difference between the different mills in the series? I have been watching for a used mill, and these and the burke millrites seem to be what is available in used mini mills. The millrites seem to be more substantial, but I have a very inexperienced eye. Thanks, Mike

01-01-2002, 07:38 AM
The Clausing mills are nice. A friend of mine has an 8530 (somewhat bigger table than the 8520) and it's supremely accurate. It is limited to 1/2" shank tools (Morse #2), but as a practical matter, for the size of mill it is and the size of work one is likely to do on it, that is perfectly adequate.

I think they also came with B&S #7 taper, but that's the same as Morse #2 in capacity, just a bit more difficult to find collets and tooling.

As far as value...it all depends. One in good shape might be +/- $2000?

01-01-2002, 01:04 PM
I have an 8520 that I'm extremely happy with. Although it cost me $2300, it is in excellent condition and came with a nice 3" Kurt vise. BTW, I came across an MT2 collet holder that takes up to 3/4" shank end mills.

The 8520 and 8530 have MT2 spindles whereas the 8525 and 8535 have the B&S taper spindles. The 8530 is generally considered the best of the lot for the slightly larger table and somewhta easier to find MT2 tooling.

The original Clausing power feeds for these mills seem to be underdesigned and parts probably aren't available for them so don't pay extra for that.

Clausing still supports at least some parts for this machine and will sell you manual reprint for $10 or so. See:

www.clausing-industrial.com (http://www.clausing-industrial.com)

for contact info.

Another good source is the Yahoo Clausing group:


Mike near Chicago