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03-03-2008, 11:29 PM
In my recent "tool gloat" thread, I mis-identified an item.
I called it an expanding mandrel, when it's really an
expanding ARBOR.
I actually got three of them...a 3/4", a 1", and a 1 1/4".
The two larger ones have a 1/4"-28 socket head screw with a
taper on the head.
The 3/4" arbor is missing it's screw, I tried a #10 screw, which
is too big to go into the clearance hole, a #8-32 almost wants to start but not quite.

Does anyone have one of these 3/4" expanding arbors that they
could check the screw size and thread?

Also the two drill chucks I got...one is a Jacobs ball bearing
super chuck 14N with 5/8" straight shank arbor, at this time isn't
so super, it's a little jammed and I can hear a ball or two rattling
around inside.
The other chuck is a CVA 5T made in England with MT#2 arbor
and it is pretty stiff too.

I think there was a recent thread about doing a tear down
and rebuild of drill chucks, I'll have to search for that and give it
a good read.

03-04-2008, 12:33 AM
If the metal in the arbor is soft enough to machine, use a pipe tap and get a allen socket pipe plug. Peter