View Full Version : The perfect fix (Quill lock resting place)

A.K. Boomer
03-07-2008, 06:34 PM
I finally got sick of my quill lock either flipping over and getting caught in the quill stop nut or ending up on the right side dragging,,,

I didnt want to buy a gadget as iv seen them and dont like the flimzy clutter,
So I took notice of the clearance of the quill lock and the mill head acorn nut, I brought the quill lock closer by means of taking some material off the end of the brass quill lock wedge, I also put a small washer under the mill head acorn nut to bring it out some, I then took a ball end mill (the same size of the acorn nuts radius) to the inside of the steel quill lock handle....


Perfect, and the little spring thats already part of the quill lock handle is what keeps the handle fitting good onto the acorn nut...


Walla, its final resting place with zero drag on the quill and perfect striking distance for a proper cinch-up...


03-07-2008, 07:40 PM
Or turn the brass cotters around, and put the handle on the back of the quill housing. Threaded cotter in the front, thru hole cotter in from the back. Then thread the handle in from the back. Now gravity un-locks the quill instead of locking it.

A.K. Boomer
03-07-2008, 08:20 PM
That would be a Good quick fix, still could drag when I toss the head down sideways which i do from time to time, I also like having the control upfront,

Wherever the head is I know where the quill locks position is at as its no longer effected by gravity, and its location I agree with for convenience and safety, I like it:) You dont have to "lift" to store, it does it automatically when you put it in the position, It then falls in and does not require any spring force but it will stay put --- Iv got very slight clearance -- now watch, it will rattle or something enough to drive me insane.