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04-17-2008, 04:48 PM
I need to buy one of those rotating laser levels that are used in construction. This will be probably be used very little, and distances will be on the order of 50 feet or less. What sort of things should I be looking for? I've seen a lot of 'em at places like Home Depot, but my only experience with such outfits was when I was in the drainage business. In that, I had a SpectraPhysics laser that ran on a 12 volt car battery, was self-leveling, and could have grade dialed on it. Range was 1000', with a spot size of a bit over 1/2". It cost something like $10,000.00 at the time. Obviously, it's a lot more than I need, in more ways than one.

Any recommendations?

Rookie machinist
04-17-2008, 06:23 PM
Dewalt makes a self leveling spinner that is about $1200 and works pretty good. What are you using it for? You may be able to save a little money and buy a PLS or Hilti laser with a tripod and use it to set bench marks. Just don't buy the cheap dewalt laser it is a piece of S??t. I have not used the hilti spinner but their small lasers work great along with the products from PLS.

Here are a few links for you.
Dewalt spinner kit about $1200

Dont buy theese dewalts

Hilti laser levels
http://www.us.hilti.com/holus/modules/prcat/prca_navigation.jsp?OID=-16881 about $500 at depot
http://www.us.hilti.com/holus/modules/prcat/prca_navigation.jsp?OID=-14787&fview=1 spinner

PLS laser level

04-17-2008, 07:34 PM
You can get inexpensive self-leveling lasers, and inexpensive rotating lasers, but not both together, it seems. I wanted one to put in a complex suspended ceiling (an L shaped room and down a short hallway) and have used it a time or two since then.

I went with a self-leveling Harbor Freight model that throws a nice long line, horizontal, vertical, or both. I thought the self leveling was a lot more important than the rotating. The line has greater than a 90 degree span, so you just turn the unit a bit to illuminate a new section of the room, it only needs a few positions to get the whole room.

I have taken the unit down and put it up again to check for repeatability and it is right on each time. Normally 50 bucks, and I got mine on sale for even less.