View Full Version : 2J Collets - Whats the deal?

04-18-2008, 05:39 PM
I'd like to find a supplier that sells 2J collets. I've found a few online but they seem to be very pricey. Enco and all the other regulars only seem to carry 3J.

What gives?

Actually, I really want to know what the difference between 3J and 2J collets and their history. Not so much the size differences, but how common they are, what type of machines you find them on, etc. Anyone else have expierence with 2J ?


04-18-2008, 05:44 PM
This might help http://hardingeus.com/usr/pdf/collet/2348E.pdf (or maybe not....)

04-18-2008, 06:02 PM
Max size on 2J is 1-3/8, max size on 3J is 1-3/4".

2Js were not as popular as 5Cs and use more material so they are more expensive. Since they were not as popular there are less used ones out there so what is out there is more expensive.

I have a Hardinge Sojgren collet chuck for my 10EE that I am trying to tool up so I am looking for collets as well. Since I have an almost complete set of 5C's to 1" I am just trying to get sizes above that.

The collet chuck I got off ebay actually had a serial number for a Monarch 10EE that would have been a few months older than my machine. The 2J is good for a 10EE or any machine that used a 5C drawbar as most machines that are 5C capable have a 1-3/8" thru hole in the spindle which is the max size of 2J collets. Which work perfect for a job where I have to turn and thread the ends of a 8' piece of 1-3/8" centerless ground and polished stainless for an air cylinder.