View Full Version : Grizzly Rotary Table/ dividing head H7527

05-07-2008, 06:05 PM
A friend brought over his 6 inch dividing head for me to fix that was jammed, Long story short I took it apart the worm gear to the table was stripped. It was made of pot metal , runs off a steel worm on the shaft. My friend said that he paid 273 dollars for it. He told me he was milling brass train wheels with a 3/8 end mill and about 020 cuts. I told him it looks like another manuf change from china to save money on costs. Probly would work for indexing hole but not sturdy for milling work. I think that cheap stuff will always let you down. He is ordering a new part from grizzly , we have a bet that it will cost half as much as the table if they can get it.