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05-16-2008, 10:27 AM
are you allowed to put a link in an ebay auction pointing to your photobucket album ...for larger better pics .

all the best.markj

05-16-2008, 10:30 AM
YES, sometimes they delete the YOUTUBE link tho for some reasoning???

I kept putting it back in there.. the best way to sell something is show it correctly to the interested party.

Use the <img src link on photobucket...++ In the posting page on ebay, activate html... then post the links directly on the page.. your full sized pictures are now linked externally to the ebay ad.. Just cut and paste the <src link there in photobucket directly into your description.. it shows.. post the one free picture tho, or it looks like from the list search it does not have pictures.

Only problem with this, if they are a X-site surfer and have external links turned off in the browser, it looks like a lil box with a red x in it.. will not load from another site.. THE take-over at x-rated sites from Java applets and external programs makes all this change when they turn that off..

Personally.. I saw enough naked women whilst I was a tattooist for years.. I still like them, ain't flippin the switch anytime soon, just don't find the need to look at them..++

When you post all them pictures instead of links? the dial up crowd gets really angry when it takes five minutes to load a page with all the external posted pictures..