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06-01-2008, 03:46 PM
Just a heads up here guys!
The Van Norman I just got.
I FINALLY got registered on the Yahoo group and sorta found some specs on this #2SU.
I was previously advised that this machine weighed in the neighbourhood of 4500 pounds.
We rigged it accordingly with a fair amount of safety factor.
However... I can't find the exact model of this machine in the old VN catalog but it's close.
The #2 (and #3) are the heavy weight models. They list the #2 as a heavy and the #3 as the standard. The U means they are Universal.
Good deal! But... these do NOT weigh 4500 pounds. They weigh 6100 (6200 for "U") WITHOUT THE MOTOR!!!!
Enter a small amount of confusion... some of the parts on my mill are slightly smaller than the ones listed. The base is as long and just as wide. everything else is almost the same but the table is a little smaller on this one (12X50 ...the big heavy is 13X58).
So... the guy hauled the thing here with a smallish Chevy van pulling a trailer rated for the real weight. This thing weighs more than his van.
The guy thought it weighed 3500 pounds.
The tackle I used to lift the mill was just barely adequate so it turns out.
How did i find out all this amazing stuff?
I just tried to pull the mill with my trucks 8000 pound winch. It wouldn't even budge it... so I had to get a better idea what this weighed.
We are really lucky that nothing ugly happened here.
The old stuff is hard to find info on and can be very decieving.
A little advice from a new lesson I just learned... if you possibly can.. try to find out what your new toy will weigh before you try to haul it home.
Yahoo... I gave up on that more than a few times because it's such a pain to register etc. I should have stuck with it.
There... in case you didn't know this... you just learned something new today! :D
From one lucky SOB who probably should have had somekind of disaster!!!
(But you have to remember... the "Old Iron Gods" like me) :D

06-01-2008, 04:32 PM
Russ. Just build the new shop around it:D

06-01-2008, 04:59 PM
Yep - I just bought two beautiful lathes (will post a thread in a few weeks once I get a card reader for my digi camera) and they weigh in at 8000 lbs. Whenever someone guestimates a weight, I add another ton to it, just to be sure ;) In this case, we orginally reckoned them to be about 5000 lbs, added a ton to it and came up with 7000lbs ... not too far off.

doctor demo
06-01-2008, 05:03 PM
Hey Russ, are you trying to drag or roll it with that 8k winch?

06-01-2008, 05:10 PM
Steve...LOL! It's still on the pallet and it's all sitting on loose gravel. Thought it should roll pretty easy on the gravel.
I was wr wr wr mistaken...
Guess I'll have to con my buddy into bringing up his 5100 Gradall. 11,000 pounds of lift.. look out mama!

06-01-2008, 05:36 PM
Dang Russ, you little tease -- pictures! :D

Did you get any goodies (like the universal dividing head)?

What spindle taper do those giant Van Norman's use?

06-01-2008, 05:47 PM
Rob.. you missed it..
Uses 50 taper same as my Ohio... only bad part.. this thing is GREEN (guess you'd see that in the pics huh? (breathed too many welding fumes today... :D

06-01-2008, 05:52 PM
Rob.. you missed it..

Sorry Russ -- just got back from a week in Antigua: no Internet, no cell phone... :D

That M-Head looks ridiculous on that giant Van Norman! That's some serious iron! :)
50 Taper is really nice too -- you won't be hunting the rare Van Norman collets.

06-01-2008, 05:54 PM
Rob.. LOL! Yer right.. the M head looks like a pimple on a bulls a$$ doesn't it :D

doctor demo
06-01-2008, 06:01 PM
Steve...LOL! It's still on the pallet and it's all sitting on loose gravel. Thought it should roll pretty easy on the gravel.
I was wr wr wr mistaken...

Russ, I can't recall if you told us how you got it off the truck but I guess that device is not handy now.You probably have the wrong type of gravel:D ,crushed rock has much more drag than pea gravel:eek: You overlooked the self propell mode of that mill,block under table... lower knee... advance table in proper direction... repeat walk it right into place.Wish I could watch You read this!

06-01-2008, 06:06 PM
lower knee... advance table in proper direction... repeat walk it right into place.Wish I could watch You read this!

LOL!!!! ya shoulda seen ME read that!!! Excuse me.....got to go and clean the coffee out of my keyboard.:D

06-01-2008, 06:30 PM
LOL! Ok.. I'm with Ernie... just glad I didn't have to go to the can real bad when I read that :D
We unloaded it with a 980 Cat. There's no room for him to manuever that big rig where it needs to go now.
He did offer to just lower the mill and keep going.. said he could place it exactly where I wanted it in the shop.
Too bad he's about 6 feet higher than the shop door :D

06-01-2008, 09:17 PM
yup, i learned the "estimate on the heavy side" deal on my FIRST heavy-iron hauling trip. it was when i went to pick up my 1954 John Deere 40U. the listed dry weight was somewhere around 2500#. i asked the guy if a 4500# drop-deck trailer would be okay. he said it should be.
well, oil in the engine, gasoline in the fuel tank, and calcium chloride in the rear tires sort of pushed me over the limit. there was also the small factor of a loader frame being attached to said tractor. i made it about five miles before i pulled over and called a local rental place. i had to convince them to let me rent a trailer from them, leave my currently rented trailer there as collateral, and then help me unloaded and reload an old tractor with a stuck motor and half-flat tires. thank goodness there are still some trusting and honest souls still out there.
now, i always go up at least one size from what i think i need. sometimes i don't need it, but it's always nicer towing a trailer loaded to 50% of capacity instead of 200%. :)

andy b.