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08-11-2008, 02:42 AM
Probably joined ere a couple yrs back and don't know if I ever introduced meself? Anyway its easy for lurkers to know ewes but knot the udder way 0, as I've recently become more posting orientated heres who I is.......

My prefession is a steam engineer, have a hobby farm and have had varied interest for decades, namely hot rods, motorcycles and heavy equipment to hit the highlights. We have various metalworking equipment at work and have used most of it throughout the years but with little formal training. I probably am like most here and never have anyone fix anything that I own or tinker with, that said I probably have a bakers dozen projects on the board at the moment and used to call myself Mr 80% but thats really pushin it these days and am probably hittin around 60.......blush

Anyway I don't see any direct posting onsite so I've signed on to PB and hope for the best on the pix. (At some point in time I must have inadvertently lost the emoticons so I loose a lot of my unemphasis in type......frown, LOL)

Heres my last big project last fall, have a coal boiler in the GWN and the daily pail feeding was growin old so I set to build a gravity feed hopper. I had purchased the hopper tub from work as scrap and had to fab the rest. As this sat around my procrastinatin yard for a year or 2, I was pushin snow with my bulldozer one day and the corner bit just caught the edge of the hopper, no problem says I and keep on goin thinkin it will soon fling outa the way until the hopper runs into something solid and the dozer crunches one side in.

Well that mistake of simply pullin in the clutch and shifting over 2 inches made me replace/refit one side of the tub. The first pic is of me cutting a free piece of pipe I acquired (actually cost me a box of beer)to fab up a blade for my grader, I'll include it only cause the tub is in the shop and the beginning framework for the hopper is starting to happen. I did all the assembly by hand except for borrowing my neighbours backhoe when the bottom frame was built and lifting the tub in there. Enuff of my drivel heres some pix.......


Heres a pic of the hopper erected, got it finished and filled with coal 1 day before the snow flew permanently, as I birdbrained this design myself the next day we had gusting shear force winds of 50-70 mph for 22 hrs straight and although quite nervous it is till standing, in fact my Dad came over this spring and commented after the better part of a year maybe it was gonna be OK......now theres confidence, LOL


The last pic shows the wood box I was pail feeding out of for 2 long.........

As I said we have quite a bit of metalworking equipment at work but always wanted some of my own and bought these 2 pieces last fall......


Tos lathe


Excello mill

These were both 600V 3 ph machines and if I can get the landscapin done for the understanding Mrs hardtail (6 yrs but whos countin) I can work on my RPC and get turnin........LOL

Norman Atkinson
08-11-2008, 03:01 AM
I think quotation is

'At Hudderfield, at Huddersfield, there was a cow that wouldn't yield. The reason why it wouldn't yield? It did didn't like its udders feeled'

It was ewe, only ewe!

Nice to have you a bored.