View Full Version : slitting saws...speeds and feeds for CNC?

Rob Frink
07-18-2003, 04:31 PM
In a manual operation I use sound and feel to guide me when I use a slitting saw. However in my CNC machine I would like to optimize the operation and cannot find any speed or feed info. Can anyone help?

Saws are typically 4" dia HSS cutting SAE 1018. Not sure the tooth pitch, I have several different ones that I use. In the CNC, I run them about 400rpm and feed about 3ipm with a radial depth of cut about 3/4"deep. Flood coolant.

Any guidelines as to how fast and I can run these tools?


07-18-2003, 06:05 PM
Calclate the peripheral speed. Rough calculation in my head: pi * 4" equals about 1' circumference. Times 400 rpm equals roughly 400sfm. A little on the high side for 1018, even with flood coolant.

This is an easy one to compute sfm, roughly equal to rpm using the 4" saw.

Drop down to about 125rpm or so.

3/4" is pretty deep for a slitting saw.

I'd start low on the feedrate and ramp up while observing the chips.

If you're using a fairly wide slitting saw you may have better luck with a thin wheel cutter.