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07-19-2003, 02:26 AM
Long way to simple ??

My lathe belt is a bother to change ranges, partly because of tight clearance between pulley and idler gear in end train. Std gears are 40/127/40. If I flip the drivers over (hub in/gear out), I have 40/100/40 with more clearance for belt (banjo rolls in with smaller idler gear). This puts more "overhang" on the drive & gearbox shafts.

"Simple Fix" = flip idler -- except the bearings are pressed onto a carrier bushing.
(new machine w/ aprox 40 hrs on it, maybe 20 hrs on 127 teeth, 15 on 100T, rest no power feed. 10% time running in reverse.)

Given the expereince on this board and your insights into the unforseen, I ask:

Is it worth flipping idler gear to bring drive gears in on their shafts? Or is this another case of "Don't worry, Make CHIPS"?

ASIDE: How did they get those 100 teeth on the compound idler so close to larger gear?
(Mine is a single cast iron casting)
Is it worth the effort to reverse idler gear