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10-12-2008, 10:07 PM
Thanks to all you hydralic guys who helped me out! I got the loader and hoe workin pretty good on my MF40 today.
An old mechanic came around to look in my wrecking yard and he showed me where the two pressure relief valves where located.
The main one on the front is adjustable...the main rear one is fixed.
I took both apart and inspected/cleaned them.
The ummm...preset one...if you ever..make sure you have a big clean floor area. This one flew apart all over the place. I musta guessed right what went where cuz it works!
The front one.. I adjusted the screw in a half turn...then another half turn when all of a sudden everything started to work.
Also got the power steering to work a lot better. That one DID have air in the system.
All I have to say..Thank God for the OT around here. Saved my bacon yet again!
(The hydraulic techs around here...just found out they charge $125hr. And they like to make your job last the day if at all possible. I just saved over $1000)
Many thanks...Patch, MC, David Cofer and Darin and anyone else who threw a stick on the fire!
Russ (still smilin!)

10-12-2008, 10:15 PM
Many thanks...Patch, MC, David Cofer and Darin and anyone else who threw a stick on the fire!

Fire? let's have a goat roast.

I have actually thought about taking the wrecker deer hunting.. you know I got that ramm-er dammer bumper on the front.. I was always better at killin em with a vehicle than a gun.

That pressure relief valve is what you adjust when the backhoe won't lift and move itself with the bucket. Rentals, they sometimes won't lift themselves out of a mudhole.. Unless... well.. You know I'd never modify equipment I was renting.. right??

10-13-2008, 08:32 AM
david, a real man always carrys a golden screwdriver and 8" adjustable wrench in his hip pocket. i know you do.

10-13-2008, 09:57 AM
Always good to hear what the problem was, and that another old machine lives for a bit longer.

10-13-2008, 10:07 AM

I carried the same "Cresent brand" 4" cresent wrench for 30 years.. saved my bacon more than once..

THEN that faggot Nuclear guard at Sequoah while he was "hand searching me" put it into his pocket and "kept it" I was so angry he touched me "there" that I forgot all about the wrench.. I guess he had a trophy huh to remember me?

That one was wore out to 9/16ths.. the new craftsman 4" one has sharp corners that bite your leg, only opens to 1/2".. perhaps in 30 years.. unless I start filing on it..

Adapt-overcome-be prepared.. is that a marine or a boy scout motto? I remember setting the points on the 58 panhead with a beer tab I found on the side of the road.. the generator was so crappy, when the points closed up.. the battery was near dead.. Of course I was drinking.. I didn't notice the headlight becoming a yellow spot till It would barely fire when the points were reset..

It took me years to figure a way to "home shop machine" a dyna electronic ignition into that auto-advance distributor.. Them points were history then. That was after I had installed +V8 chevy points with a allen adjust.. and.. and.. several other trials.. I had made one electronic rig.. it was a multiple fire system using a 555.. I had it "working" spinning in a drill press firing plugs looking like a frankenstien movie.. then realized.. AIn't no way I am ever gonna waterproof all this crap... I hate pushing a harley too..