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10-14-2008, 03:58 PM
finally got this finished... its been sat clamped to the mill table (Love having a big mill, can leave jobs setup and still use the rest of it :p ) for a couple of weeks, as I needed a 13mm (1/2" actually) collet to hold the woodruff cutter I borrowed (Thanks John) to press into service as a T Slot cutter.
This is the scariest cut Ive made so far on my mill, the slot is full width of the (borrowed) cutter, the small part of the T is 16.5mm across. The block is a piece of Thyroplast 2085 I picked up, its a stainless mould steel. Its hard, but it does polish up nicely though.

It a block that replaces the top slide from my Harrison L5. I dont use the topslide much, and removing a slide should help with the rigidity, parting off 30mm dia 316 stainless was a bit to exciting...




Frank Ford
10-14-2008, 04:30 PM
Dave -

I think you'll like your new block. I made one a little while ago, and it does improve rigidity a bit. I made mine exactly the same height as the compound so I wouldn't have to change any of my QC holders.

Here's the project, if you're interested:


Peter N
10-14-2008, 04:31 PM
I think I recognise the block of steel that came from...:D

Nice job Dave. How did it turn on the lathe? I've only milled/bored bits of mine so far.


10-14-2008, 05:01 PM
It turns beautifully :)
carbide tool (one from John S ) with TPMR 110304E-46 inserts at about 700 rpm (have variable speed, so not certain about this, was quite fast tho).
The block is about 5" square.
Swarf flies off a lovely golden bronze sort of colour in nice curls, and the surface finish is almost mirror :)

I need more milling practice I think, I just couldnt get the feel for how fast I should go. Mostly Ive been milling Alloy, where basically turning up the spindle as fast as possible and using the rapids for feeds is fine. :eek:
The T part of the slot was cut at 250 rpm, and 1.5 ipm, I think a higher speed and feed could have been used, but Im not in a hurry (usually). Guess I should really look up the tooth load calcs and do it properly. The slot part was cut with a 12mm 4 flute endmill, at 560 rpm about 4 ipm (IIRC) and 0.1" DOC (I didnt dare go any deeper...)

Frank, Yes If Ive got the measurements correct it will be the same overall height as the compound, so I dont have to reset my QCTP holders.