View Full Version : Question Rebuilding Hydraulic Pins, Yokes

12-02-2008, 08:56 AM
I know it's a common procedure to rebuild, re-pin, worn yokes and eyes on dirt moving equipment but I've never done it. I'm working over the valve control linkage now and converting to joy sticks and want to do the worst worn pins next. I imagine the yokes are egged 0.100" or more. What kind of steel for over sized pins? Rack and pinion for the swing has a lot of slop but maybe adding a couple of shocks would be an adequate fix. It's a digging son of a gun but the jerking in the big parts telegraphs back to the controls and pretty soon we're doing Saint Vitus's dance.

12-02-2008, 01:07 PM
On cylinder ends I just saw them off and weld new ones on. on the heavy plate ears on the arms we just weld them closed and dill and bore them out back to the stock size and make new pins from 4140 in the stock size.

Deep hole drilling 4140 pins for grease is a Pain so I make the female parts greasable instead. Put the grease zerks down into a counterbore so they suffer less chance of damage.

By the time you bore out a badly egg shaped hole theres not much meat left on it so thats not always the best fix.

12-02-2008, 01:21 PM
Quick fix on a lotta that stuff..I just build them up with weld then grind them out with barrel stones on an angle grinder. After you do a few you can get them really close in a hurry.
I also use 4140 pinstock.

12-02-2008, 01:24 PM
Does anyone here use them?
Reason I ask...I'm using my 6" face mill more and more for trimming flame cut plates. I grind off the easy stuff but it's still tough going.
The cutter uses APKT inserts.
I really like them but wonder...is this REALLY the best type insert for doing this?
And do the roughers stand up?
They are really pricey so I want to make sure before I buy some.