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12-29-2008, 06:15 PM
Today I dropped into the local machine tool supplier for a 60* dovetail mill, a 5/16" T-slot mill and an Acme thread gauge. While the clerk chased around futilely looking for these, I wandered into the showroom where there were lots of neat lathes and mills, all priced north of ten grand. Except there was a used Standard Modern 10x24 with a 3-jaw and a taper attachment- for CONSIDERABLY less. I admired it, went back to the counter where I was told; "We dont have your parts, but I can order them for you." I said never mind and left. I was relating this all to my wife, while we were driving to the library. She said "WHY DONT YOU BUY IT, IF YOU LIKE IT?" So I did! Purchase included delivery to my place, (across the river in the next province,) so no 7% provincial sales tax!
Now some questions:-1) has anyone got a parts/operating manual.
2) Do I replace the 3 phase motor, and if so with a standard cap start or a DC? Or do I buy a phase convertor?
3) Does anyone want to buy a Logan 10x24?

12-29-2008, 06:38 PM

I have an 1124, 1968 vintage that I bought in Kitchener, Ont, and have a manual - just let me know if you want a copy. Mine had a 1hp, single phase that slammed the gears on startup (farm duty). I found a 3 phase motor locally and purchased a Teco-Westinghouse VFD on advice from this BBS.


'Twerks like a charm and am pleased as punch with it. The soft start, that you program in, is amazing. I wired it up so I could use the existing start lever and on/off switch.

From this experience I got VFD-itis, and now have my mill and my other lathe hooked up with the same system.