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doctor demo
01-02-2009, 01:50 PM
Happy New Year to All
My computer caught a virus right befor Christmass an was very sick:mad: .
I have Earthlink as My isp and use norton 360, while running a clean up a warning popped up and without realy paying attention I clicked remove, and actualy installed a virus.
I am up and kind of running no thanks to Earthlink/Norton bu am still having problems when online eg: socket errors ,internet conn. issues etc. can't check e-mail , on and on. Even pre virus I would hav trouble from time to time with connectivity issues with the dsl .

Alot of You are way more in touch with'' what is what'' when it comes to this sort of thing than I .

I am looking for advice and opinions on anti virus protection and isp information to make life less frustrating.