View Full Version : A Slanted Chinese DI

01-03-2009, 10:43 AM
I 've got the 40 pc run you guys straightened me out on with some soft jaws done and packed up .... but I can't say it was easy! :o Thought I'd pass along what I learned from the experience for other new guys.

The part has an .820 dim to a shoulder and I was flip-flopping on either side of it like John Kerry on a windboard. Chaos and confusion were reigning supreme. For awhile there I thought the chuck must be screwin' itself on deeper cuz it seemed like I was chasing it down the bed!

Eventually I started using the parts themselves to set my stop and a zero for OAL on the DI, and found that Chinese DI I bought at HF for $8 back in the 90's is not quite accurate. :rolleyes: Indicating .820 gets you on the high side of .822.

According to all my other instrumentation when I started using a hair less than .818 I was popping them off within .0005 of being perfect. Happy Day!

The DI will still be useful for runout, endplay, TDC, etc., and I suppose knowing it's limitations I'll still be able to use it to "approximate" a distance, but we're on the hunt for something better now.

So, once again, Thank You All for your support.