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Alistair Hosie
01-19-2009, 05:13 PM
I still cant find Delta lathes in the uk. They must have gone bust. I have really tried and I wanted a new bed extension for my little midi lathe wood lathe that is .Are they still going in the states? IT sure doesn't look like it 's there either.I know I posted a similar post before but I am still looking :DAlistair

Norman Atkinson
01-20-2009, 04:59 AM
You were or are looking at the 600 Group of Companies.
It dawned on me that the common denominator was the old Delta Works at Swalwell and a man that died 60 years ago.
I never let my curiousity run rife and only took in what was said. It was a long chain of events and 'Robbie Sahib' from my RAF Squadron whose family is part of the 600- Cohen- Raine- Robinson- Hannen- 'Mac' etc. connection.

At at 'wet my fingers and guess', the Delta bit that you are searching for may well be into even more old swallowed up companies.
I knew all about the earlier swallowings. That's show biz!

Sorry, but maybe a letter to the Company Secretary of '600' will bring more finite answers.

01-20-2009, 05:04 AM

I don't know if this will help, although I'd guess you probably have tried it.

I didn't check the details.


Norman Atkinson
01-20-2009, 05:23 AM
If Tiff is right( and he usually is), it seems back to the classic lathe bed of angle bar!

So, we go back to the 600 Group of Companies of which part is 'the scrap business' for angle iron!

( when in doubt, use a plank)