View Full Version : Prelube a chevrolet V8.. tips for younger guys

02-06-2009, 07:17 PM
Youtube video of prelube a chevy v8 with a drill and old cut down distributor..

Still ain't figured out how to embed the player.. this is the new car getting prelube before start up.. I got kinda lazy and it still is not completed.. going to start it tomorrow now..

Setting the timing.. well.. turn your motor over and watch the valves on #1, stick your finger over the spark plug hole.. when the intake opens, as it closes and the piston comes up and compression is happening, watch the timing mark on the balancer.. When you get to say, 6degrees BTC.. stop turning the crank bolt.. twist the oil pump drive-shaft in line with the #1 position on the distributor (with this HEI) it is the clockwise post next to the tach-hot wire infeed, make a mark on the housing and remove the cap.. WHen you have the oil pump driveshaft aligned, the distributor will drop all the way into the slot, the rotor button right over the mark where #1 is.. OKAY... NOW, hook up your hot wire.. turn the switch on.. adjust the distributor lockdown firm but so you can still rotate the distributor.. turn that girl advance till she throws a big fat spark on #1... lock it down there.. good enough to start..
Install plugs, gapped..
Hook all the plug wires up in clockwise order.. firing order right there on engine..
Fill carb with gas.. motor is prelubed, spark set close enough to run.. she should crank on about the first or second spin and purr like a kitten...

Old tricks.. I still get confused thou.. I dropped a S&K socket and extension in the front of the car.. looked for over a hour.. I had that socket since the early 80s and would have tore the car apart to find it.. obsessive compulsive disorder or just anal retentive??

02-06-2009, 07:20 PM

Tell them about the one where you can spin the Oil Pump with a cordless drill to prelube the engine after a rebuild

02-06-2009, 07:24 PM
Joe.. it's in the youtube video.. after you suffer through the car pictures.. except I used a old electronic distributor and 1/2" holeshooter drill..

I was going to cut down a dual point corvette distributor.. I forget who was here at the moment but they offered to black my eye if I did..

NOW WHY? ain't nobody nowadays even remembers how to set points... ha.. I saw it on harleys..

02-06-2009, 07:34 PM
I've been doing that for 30 years. The dummy distributor I used is an old points distributor with the drive gear teeth turned down. In the shop, I used an air powered drill to spin the oil pump shaft, but on my "home" projects I used a DeWalt cordless drill.

Points? Not a problem...For about 20 years, I did "tune ups" in a garage, professionally, and do remember how to set points. Of course, for performance applications I prefer to use a distributor machine...but very few are still around.

02-06-2009, 07:56 PM
just anal retentive??

02-06-2009, 08:00 PM
Joe.. it's in the youtube video.. after you suffer through the car pictures.. ..

Sorry - I couldn't get the audio to work so I skipped through it. It wasn't until after I posted I saw you spinning the oil pump with that Hole-shooter. I got 1 of them old Holeshooters around here too. Darn things never quit running.

Hell - kids now a days with all them JDM drift cars don't even know nothing about tuning carburetors much less multiple carburetors. Darn thing is Carburetors gives them so much better response for drifting it is ridiculous. Nice little squirt of fuel right at the onset of opening them back up when their trying to flutter the peddle during a 4 wheel slide.

Like to see them chip a set of injectors to do that


Here is a set of Quad-Mikuni Carbs on a manifold I made for my kid’s car. 4AG Toy motor with a large port head, ported and polished by yours truly. Dyno-ed over 210 Hp out of 1.6 litters - and thats "Naturaly Asperated" thank you very much