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03-03-2009, 01:46 PM
Does any supplier in the U.S. sell sets of left hand taps? I see McMaster sells sets of dies but not the taps as far as I can see. What I really need is a 5/16 - 18 tap, but I figure with the ordering, freight, shipping to Brazil, etc. I would like to get more than just one.
Any ideas?

Optics Curmudgeon
03-03-2009, 02:19 PM
McMaster has them, catalog number 2584A16, 5/16-18 plug tap. They have taper and bottom, too.


03-03-2009, 02:30 PM

They should be a bit happier than mcm arster to sell overseas
LH taps here

http://www.victornet.com/cgi-bin/victor/productlist.html?subdepartments=Taps%2C+Left+Hand% 3A620%2C605%2C1643%2C596%2C592%2C594%2C507

03-03-2009, 07:36 PM
I appreciate the help in indicating McMaster, etc. But I already realize that these suppliers sell individual taps. What I am looking for is SETS of left hand taps so that I don't have to order them individually. Does anyone sell SETS of taps just as McMaster sells SETS of left hand dies?

03-07-2009, 11:00 PM
get mine from Acklands Granger Peter

03-08-2009, 07:53 AM
don't buy sets of taps either left or right; sets unless you pay a fortune are usually low end stuff and have quality counts with taps and dies. the reason is industry doesn't buy in sets, they buy what they need and in bulk...ergo the good stuff is mostly available individually. how big a deal is it to order a bunch individually when you're online - they'd still arrive in one package?

still, its been my experience that their use, left hand, is rare. I've just made the odd one when i need it but its been far and few between....unless you're making lots of turnbuckles or something buying a whole series may just gather dust

03-08-2009, 09:58 AM
As you suggested, I ended up buying them individually from Enco. The reason for buying a bunch is that living in Brazil, I can't just order them up when I need them. I try to buy things that I might need, have them shipped to friends, and then bring them here on various trips from the U.S. Most of the items I buy I end up using some time or another, but, sometimes a tool sits in a drawer for years. It's impossible to predict everything that one might need, but it sure is nice to have the right tools for a job.

Making taps is one step too much for me. I'm sure it's not hard, but I've got so many other projects to do that taking a tap, or a quill stop for the Bidgeport like the recent thread is talking about, seems like too much time.

No doubt, such things as left hand taps can be found in Brazil (probably in São Paulo which is believe is the second or third largest city in the world) but a trip there is time consuming and expensive. Therefore, every trip to the U.S. involves luggage which is insanely heavy with the maximum weight of metal doodads.