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03-12-2009, 04:27 PM
Hi all, please forgive the off topic nature of this post, it can be made as long or short as anyone can be bothered.

I'm sure those of you over the seas in the US have seen the news from the UK in the last day or two regarding the disgusting demonstrations levied at a parade of our brave soldiers returning from a tour of duty by a *certain* religious group.

I would dearly like to know what would happen if this type of thing was to occur in say the US, or indeed if it has happened?

I would like to think it does not happen and that if it did then the protestors would be dealt with accordingly. What happens over here? well our wonderful police arrest two of the innocent townspeople just because they took umbrage to the protest! (i would probably have gone in fists & feet first had i been there)

This type of thing really makes my blood boil. What amazes me is the way we just put up with it and shrug our shoulders. How long would i expect to live if i went to one of their countries and started spouting the type of crap they do in the way that they do? I would guess i would be dead in 30 minutes or less, the difference is that I would not do it in the first place.

I just cant fathom the way our little country takes in or allows this type of scum to stay here, we even give them benefits and so on. They should swear allegiance to our flag and agree to obey the law of the land, if not then they can f**k off out of it.

I have a nasty feeling this is going to come to a head and its not going to be pretty.

sorry for the rant


03-12-2009, 04:57 PM
It looks like the English and Dutch have capitulated to the islamofascists in a
big way. There were some demonstrations, somewhere in Cali IIRC by IF
supporters over the recent Israeli/Hamas dustup but it was fairly sedate and
the counter demonstraters were treated badly by the IF group with police
intervening to minimize the confrontation.