View Full Version : ram wiper plates - the shaper gets one step close to completion

04-15-2009, 07:46 AM
one of the annoying little parts that i hadn't found for the Atlas shaper was the stamped metal things that the hold the wipers/felt for the ram ways. I decided to try making them.

I used .060 stock for the flat part and .030 stock for the .250" edge. Basic sawing and filing followed by some silver solder.


after a bunch of abrasive work, they start to look like the stamped metal originals



I think I'm done! just need to get it on the stand. the kid and I could lift it to the extent of a leg lift, maybe waist height, but it was a few inches short of the stand....too heavy and tippy for an arm lift....

Next big project, the 240 - 600V rotary three phase power done right with starters etc. All parts acquired and awaiting attention.