View Full Version : Mounting for Cheap Import DRO Scales on Bridgeport

05-24-2009, 08:07 AM
I put a low cost DRO, (you know the ones that are like a digital calipers without the head), on an old bridgeport I used to have. Thought others might like to see and copy the mounting that I came up with.

I took some 2" aluminum angle, milled out the radius on the ends and capped. Used scrap to get down from the saddle. And most importantly used a couple of spherical rod end for the connection. This allowed me to be less precise on the design, eliminates the need for adjustment slots, and is self aligning if it had to be. There is really no movement so I'm not worried about errors.


12" on the y and 24" on the X (for a 42" table). I spaced the aluminum angle off with 1/4 thick hardened and ground washers to leave a gap for my lexan covers that I bent up to protect the whole unit.


I splurged a little for the remote reads and mounted them and used 3/8" liquitite to protect the tiny wires of the remotes.
Total cost ~$237 from CME off ebay. Everything else was free scrap. It worked great. Then 3 months later I got a newer machine and sold this one.

05-24-2009, 08:17 AM
Very nice job and you've created a perfect drip edge for fluids. The seals/wipers on these scales seem to vary and external protection for them is the only way to go.