View Full Version : Wife left town, Party at the Cofer house... woo wiieee WAY OT:

05-24-2009, 03:04 PM
Whipped cream shot... whoo wiee.. we be having fun now.. Kinda dark, if you got a lcd monitor it is allright tho..

What'cha guys doing for the holiday?? I am calling all the soldiers I know and thanking them..

05-24-2009, 03:14 PM
THEN, I turned on the AC and the HEAT, opened all the windows and doors, turned on all the faucets to drip, left the toilet seats all up and didn't flush.

Poured the catfood and dog food out on the floor.. doing wheelies on the snapperoo lawnmower.. nobody here to film that..

(wondering which young lady will loan me some T-back underwear to put in my wife's drawer, all neat and folded..) She was giving me grief last time she went to Oregon, I snuck some old boxers of mine in her suitcase.. she got up there, her, her mom, and aunt took my underwear on a roadtrip and took pictures with them all over town..
THEN they sewed the fly shut, and stuck stickers on them and mailed them back to me..

This was to get even for the "cannon balls"... I came in from Porkys with two round metal spheres.. They were shot you put into a cement mixer to break up the loose stuff... ANYWAYS< Porky lived next to chickamauga battlefield.. I told them women I picked them up next to the battlefield.. THEM women had to go to the civil war musuem and go around measuring with their fingers to find the cannon that shot them.. I snickered for hours till I could not stand it anymore..
I told them about bloody pond, the creek that ran red with blood and how you could still find red stains on rocks in the creek.. I had to walk down that creek till I found some.. dang.. that was near 40 years ago when they were all still pink..

The fog, fortified by the smoke of battle, evaporated by midmorning on September 20th. Revealing ruin on a grand scale. Surveying the gory scene, one confederate General described the Chickamauga creek as a "river of death". "bloody pond" earned it's gruesome name when the blood of dying and dead soldiers and horses who had crawled there to quench their thirst emptied into the once-clear water. Estimates vary, but it appears nearly 4,000 men were killed and over twenty six thousand were wounded. Another nineteen hundred went missing, most of them likely dead. Some soldiers may have suffered moderate wounds and died of shock during the unseasonable cold nights, Especially if they were without blankets. Some wounded were agonizingly burned to death when they were overtaken by the forest fires consuming the dry and tangled forests. Others crept off to hide and die. The dead and dying littered McFarland Road into Rossville Ga, Confusion ruled the day., At this point, the southern troops were using sharp sticks and hayforks with ammunition in short supply, as the Union troops had recently been issued repeating rifles of the paper catridge type.

Respect the fallen soldiers who have fought for the flag and country. Each does what he must, what he is told by superior officers who sometimes have gained the position with politics instead of good judgement. Each day the blessings you are graced with were provided by blood and gunpowder and the sacrifice of others.

AWW.. inlaws.. my wife when she gets back she will need them traquilizers the doctor prescribed for her to tolerate me..

Alistair Hosie
05-24-2009, 04:37 PM
you been at my morphine supply again Dave ?oh well have fune heh heh:DAlistair

05-24-2009, 08:27 PM
My wife and kids went out of town for about 5 days a couple weeks ago, left on a Wed afternoon. I had work and school till Friday then a buddy and I went strip club hopping and had some good sushi at a new sushi bar in Scottsdale, by Saturday my head hurt, my wallet was empty and I was ready for them to come home:p

05-24-2009, 09:59 PM
Danged dog is chasing a frog around the porch. He got ahold of it and started slobbering like a mad dog.

I was sitting there trying to talk to my brother on the phone and that nutso dog was rocking me and the folding chair I was in trying to crawl under me.

I have all the cars parked around back of the house, About one pm, a white wrecker came into the drive. I met him with pistol on hip and talked real nice to him. He said he was trying to repossess a Harley. No clue where he was going, but no tag, no name on the truck door and no bullet holes. Yet.

Lil brother and Porky mentioned the wrecker probably was stolen.. It'd be hard to find a truck with no tag, no business name if they did load up a bike and got away. It'd just be gone.

05-24-2009, 10:03 PM
Between the big ol' dog slurping that crap, and your cackle, that was my favorite chuckle for the weekend! I'm gonna play that 'till I'm sick of it! Thanks for the snorter!

05-24-2009, 10:22 PM
My GF is gone until sometime tomorrow, don't have enough money to party.

Been bachelor since Friday, no fun just work like a slave.


05-25-2009, 01:05 AM
Hahaha.. Its always nice when the girls leave town cause we have some great expectations of what fun we can have. And just as quickly as they leave so do our motivations for our own fun. So we sit, listen to our music, loud, and have a drink, having fun, thinking about them... JR

05-25-2009, 01:23 AM
Hell of homework punctuated by machining, chores,, and sound-and-fury, signifying something.

05-25-2009, 07:33 AM

TMachinist: Well.. it don't get any better the older you get.. you work all your life in school to make something of yourself, the harder you work now to learn, the better things are later.

I quit school at 15.. had a helluva time, worked with electricians that carried sorgrum buckets for lunch pails... they'd hit you with a hammer for bringing them the wrong part cause it slowed them down. I Apprenticed, overcame, conquered, mastered, got a GED. If I'd stayed in school.. It'd been easier. Never had a chance for a formal education once I figured all that out.

Once you reach the retirement age, well if you are married then you really go to work on the honey doo list.. My father took a job at a car lot moving cars from one city to another to get away from that, ended up taking the wife with him on trips.. otherwise she would have worked him to death.

Enjoy life, find a job you enjoy.. find a woman who is a friend, looks thou they seem important are really not if they are a true buddy. Beware of all the ones who put on a false front, you truly don't know them till "later"... and by that time they have milked you for everything you had..

That being said, I still got tools I bought while I was sixteen. Still got a few hotrod parts.. My love is hotrods and Harleys. I got a good woman I trust.

05-25-2009, 11:33 AM
I just tore down that 327 that was gave to me.. it has std bore.. shiny bores and tight pistons you can't shake.. not got the pan off yet.. the outers were a pain.. had to zip half a dozen bolts.. it came from a 1964 chevy ramp truck of approx 5 tons.. LOOKS LIKE I AM DOING THE PEE PEE Dance in happiness.. std ring job perhaps.. it spins over like slick snot..
Suggestions for Carrol?? (the wife) I think she is going to have to start cleaning the kitchen sink with gasoline and a putty knife.. that motor was greasy.. in a mild term... Throw away the clothes I was wearing.. OR scrape them too..

I got a big crock pot of gumbo on.. (well lazy Ga boy gumbo)... fixin to make jalapeno-cornbread here in a bit..

05-25-2009, 01:35 PM

Enjoy life, find a job you enjoy.. find a woman who is a friend, looks thou they seem important are really not if they are a true buddy. Beware of all the ones who put on a false front, you truly don't know them till "later"... and by that time they have milked you for everything you had..

That being said, I still got tools I bought while I was sixteen. Still got a few hotrod parts.. My love is hotrods and Harleys. I got a good woman I trust.

Boy. David you summed it up well there. My first wife was a gold digger...the second is my best friend... What a difference. Hell I don't know what I would do with out her. What with this back problem...she has been a God send. She has helped me thru this more than any woman should.

She is a wonderful woman...oh...and she rides motorcycles too. She's a keeeper! I just hope that I can ride again. I might have to get rid of my sport bike...and get an Electraglide..


05-25-2009, 06:07 PM

Whoopieee.. Audrey the Zucchini is a month old, we planted seed 4-25-09

Just rained, I expect it to be another three inches bigger tomorrow.