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John Stevenson
07-06-2009, 05:11 AM
Sortout - free to good home - or bad one for that matter

To make room for two new CNC's I have had to sort out my 'spares' collection with a vengeance with the result that I have literally grabbed everything for an area big enough for them and threw it all outside.
consists of large multi core cables, MIL type plugs and sockets, some alloy pulleys, armoured cable, loads of relays, timers, starter boxes, themals.

All those parts that 'may' come in useful one day.

They are all outside, with a sheet over and it's first come, first served until the scrappie calls round.

Situated 2 miles J24 / J25 M1 at Long Eaton, phone before coming 07966 376085

John S.