View Full Version : Sort of O/T, Making a Gear Shift Knob

08-21-2009, 10:33 AM
I've got a 2000 Ford F350 Super Duty with the manual transmission and floor shift. The shift lever is splined and when it gets really hot (I live in SE Georgia) the knob has the tendency to pull off the lever when shifting, which, as you might imagine can be a real PIA. I've considered taking the stock knob and drilling and tapping it for set screws as one option, but I'm also considering just making a completely new knob, again drilled and tapped for 2 or 3 set screws. I did this on a previous truck I had but during the hot months the shifter knob would get so damned hot that it was less than pleasant to use. So, the question is, what would those of you whose skills far exceed mine, consider for the base material to make a knew knob?

08-21-2009, 10:45 AM
Is the splined part screwed on the shift lever? If so take it off and make a knob of UHMW and thread it.

A.K. Boomer
08-21-2009, 10:52 AM
I wish all problems were this simple, take shifter off and clean inside --- wipe splines on shifter shaft also, unscrew cap off of tube of automotive "goop"
squirt blob onto both shifter and shaft and press on and let sit before use, screw cap back onto tube of automotive goop.

Move onto a new problem worthy of my time.