View Full Version : Auction alert

Mark Hockett
10-19-2009, 03:38 PM
Just a reminder for the auction junkies in the Pacific Northwest, the Ken Mangles estate auction is happening soon.

I have seen the shop and Ken's machines are very nice. He was into restoring old equipment and did a very good job. He made some very cool modifications like the Bridgeport head mounted on the planer, he also made some modifications to the feed system on the planer. The 12 X 36 Grizzly lathe is a belt drive lathe but has some sort of home made variable speed control mounted on the head stock.

This Auction will also include the Estate of Bill Monforte, who was my neighbor. Bill was a Boeing machinist for 25 years and had a very well equipped home shop. Many of Bills tools were still new when he passed away. Bill's items were a late edition and not listed in the link.