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Doc Nickel
10-21-2009, 05:04 AM
One of the few things that needed to be fixed on my new surface grinder, were some missing handles on the handwheels. I have no idea what happened to the originals, perhaps they were removed as a snagging hazard, or maybe they were broken off sometime in it's past.

Whatever the case, the main traverse handwheel needs a handle. On a manual machine like this, a largish part will tend to need a LOT of crankin'. :D

All I had was a stepped hole in the handwheel; it looked like where an allen-head bolt went through to attach the handle spindle. So I needed to make everything.

I figured something with real bearings would be better than just a sleeve on a bare shaft, and as it happened, I had recently wound up with roughly 247,000 little shielded bearings out of a large copier I scrapped.

The OD of each was .867 (20mm) which was perfect for a chunk of 1" schedule 80 aluminum tube. A quick step in each end, a minor repurposing of one of the seventeen million little steel shafts from the copier, and a handmade nut, and...


The "top hat" section is pressed on, and it and the nut full the allen-head void in the wheel. It was easy enough to find one of the shafts that already had a circlip groove, so I spaced everything so the clip retains the handle to the shaft.


I made it a pretty tight fit to the wheel- the nut actually had to draw it in a bit. Assembled, the entire thing is rock-solid, except for just a tiny bit of back-and-forth on the shaft, since the clip doesn't tighten down like a nut would.


It spins very freely, but is still solid enough for good feel while moving the table. The shaft looks a bit spindly, but it feels very solid, and there's far less force on a grinder table like this, than there is on a milling table.

I still need to make a smaller version (probably without the bearings) for the spindle downfeed, but this was the important one.


10-21-2009, 05:33 AM
Looking good Doc...

I just need to find a surface grinder on AK CL for 25.00 lol

Doc Nickel
10-21-2009, 06:57 AM
Ain't gonna happen. :D

I've seen two, both pretty decent automatics. As I recall, one was priced at $7K, the other at $8K. Or well into the multi-thousands, anyway.

That said, I may have turned up a line on a Brown & Sharpe 2L 6x12" with a B&S coarse-pole permag chuck, supposedly refurbished but with a plain-bearing spindle of unknown condition, for $2K to $2500. No coolant, no vacuum.

Maybe. :)