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10-23-2009, 11:44 PM
Well, my finger slipped and I hit the return key and this thread got posted with an incomplete title, and the editing feature wouldn't let me fix it. So I re-posted it correctly under the title "Tour of UP steam shops in Cheyenne."


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10-24-2009, 12:04 AM
<respectful snippage>

Everyone should make a cross-country drive at least once, remembering that it truly is about the journey, not the destination. Seeing the land and the details of our culture change incrementally as you trundle from ocean to ocean teaches lessons that cannot be gained while sealed in an aluminum sausage at 30 thousand feet, sprinting through four time zones in as many hours.

Rise early on the prairie, spread your arms and embrace the clean wind, see how the horizon and the sky meet as the sun kisses the blowing grass with gold; stop frequently in the high desert to absorb its pastel palette and let the tint of the sage touch your nostrils. Forego franchises, eat breakfast in a town too small to be on the map, at a café named “Jim’s Place” at one end of its battered facade and “Rikachee Café” on the other. If there are three or four dirty white pickups parked out front, you know the food will be good. So are the people. Don’t plan. Just go.

I envy you your journey, I say envy because I've made many of them, but to me it was long ago. I was 19 when I made my first journey, a three month trip that carried me from Massachusetts to Montana, and many places north south east and west. 20 plus years later I guess I'm still on that trip, but it's moving much more slowly now :)