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10-14-2003, 04:46 PM
Greetings group.
I am buying a collet closer. Never owned one before.
I am wondering about installation. Looks pretty easy. True?
Also, once mounted up can I swap back and forth between the closer and my chuck/backplate without removing the entire contraption?
I am not doing production type work, would I be better of with a Bison collet chuck? How does removing/reinstalling them effect their runout.
Which is more accurate the closer or collet chuck? By how much?

Thanks group.

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10-14-2003, 05:13 PM
Be sure you can get the saddle close enough to the spindle if you get a drawtube collet closer where the collet is in a spindle taper adapter sleeve. My old Jet 12x36 belt drive machine suffered this malady; the saddle would hit the headstock before the tool was close to the spindle nose. It worked much better with a Sjogren style collet chuck (which is mounted like a Bison collet chuck). When swapping back and forth between a drawtube setup and a chuck, you will want to take out the adapter sleeve to keep it from getting dinged or because it will be in the way of the spindle nose. You probably will also want to remove the drawtube, as the handwheel style will come flying out at an inopportune moment and the lever style will rattle around annoyingly unless your lathe is a Hardinge. I can get dead nuts repeatability with the Sjogren on a D1-3 mount when I remove & replace it. What lathe are you putting this on?

10-14-2003, 11:04 PM
The Royal Product a2-5 collet chucks are exceptionally accurate and are removable just like any chuck. They are normally mounted on high production lathes. They are usually run with air or hydraulic closing cylinders.

A lower cost unit would be the Bison 16C or 5C collet chucks - both of which are standard chuck key operation

10-15-2003, 12:34 PM
Thanks for the responses guys.
I think I am going to lean towards the BISON 5C collet chuck over the Royal lever closer.
Not doing high volume production.
I would like to be able to swap back and forth between collets and chuck as fast as possible.