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12-26-2009, 10:04 PM
Just for laughs- here's a few pics of some belts I made. These all look the same, but are slightly different lengths for an experiment.http://www.glacern.net/free_photo_upload/assortment%20of%20home%20made%20belts.jpg

Here's a close up of one showing the join where the inner part was put together. This is made from a roll of rubber I had which I believe was meant for inner tube repair.


The yellow layer is Plasti-Dip, a tool handle coating. Basically, the black rubber loop is formed first- I tacked it together with crazy glue, then lightly ground away the protruding glue. Then the loop is mounted on a form which is turned on the lathe. I don't have any images of that, but basically it's just a short and straight section of tube of such a diameter that the black loop just fits with very little stretch- only enough to keep the loop laying against the form all around. Then a piece of dacron is folded in half lengthwise and lightly tacked to the center of the loop with crazy glue. I then layered on some plasti-dip all around, then turned the form while winding the dacron on. One strand goes to the left side, the other to the right. This gives the belt a stability in use so it doesn't wander one way or the other- that's the theory anyway. Once the dacron is evenly wound into the goop, it's kind of evenly layered over with a strip of cardboard or something, then left to dry.


This last pic shows one belt inverted. You can see the join where the black rubber was put together into a loop. In these pics you can see where the fiber comes out the edge- not a particularly good thing. To complete the construction of the belts, I waited for the goop to dry, then used the tool post grinder to even out the surface, then applied one more layer of goop, left to dry, then ground to a good surface all around again. I also ground the edges at this point to make it all even and true. That's where I got into the dacron fiber and exposed it.

In a sense this is a radial- fibers going lengthwise around the loop and not in some pattern side to side. I've thought to put some fibers side to side, but that would have been more difficult. One thing I figured to avoid would be more than one layer of fiber going in the loop direction, as that might have caused problems.

Anyway, just thought I'd show this project from some years back. I wanted to try a belt drive on my model boat. The final belt in the boat turned out to be pretty rugged and smooth, so I considered that part at least to be a success.

12-27-2009, 10:40 AM
very interesting. i love it when someone can fab something thats not readily available. eg BC. it must have been a ruff winter that year. :)