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01-02-2010, 04:44 PM
Hello people. I lurk here often and have learned lots. I have been running my Atlas 12x36 now for several years and learned lots with it. Rebarreled one rifle on it and rechambered another with success. However I do understand it's limitations and lack of rigidity etc. Which brings me to the fact that i wish to upgrade to a newer heavier machine. I promised myself when I sold my snowmobile that I would upgrade my lathe to a bigger machine,well the sled is gone.

I have been looking for a good used unit for quite some time but as always they are too far away and freight costs make them cost prohibitive. So now I have been looking around at new units in the 1440 range. I thought I had settled on the choice of two units. The Birmingham YCL1440 or unit like that, or the Precision Matthews 1440. Then today I am looking around and drop in on Grizzly site and see the new 1440 "gunsmith lathe" G0709. It has a heavier tailstock etc compared to others like it. However not as heavy as a Birmingham YCL 1440. Everything that I have read on Matt's after sales service from Quality Machine tools is always positive so that has Merit as well.

Living in Canada and importing from the U.S. as far as warranty is concerned is a bit of a concern to me. What is your guys opinion.


Ron of Va
01-02-2010, 06:08 PM
I have the G4003G and like it. The new lathe looks nice. I just took a look. I noticed that the small Grizzly gunsmithing lathe (G4003G) advertizes “Precision NSK” bearings in the headstock. The midsized Gunsmithing lathe (G0709) makes no mention of “precision bearings”. You might want to check on that. I would be surprised if it didn’t have NSK bearings because the big one does (G0509G).

Also the G4003G has 9 speeds, and the G0709 has 8 speeds.
(The G0709 has a nice pull out tray. I use a cookie sheet.) :D

Just go for the big one, I wish I had.

01-02-2010, 07:44 PM
Grizzly will not sell to Canada, if you want that lathe, you will have to drive to the US and pick it up.

01-02-2010, 09:05 PM
I have owned the Birmingham YCL1440 for about 2 years now and very happy with it. There is a place in Florida that offers free shipping. I don't know about Canada.

Here is a link


01-02-2010, 09:34 PM
'busybee' is canadas grizzly, iv heard rumors that they are owned by the same family (brothers), and I know for a fact they have signed a 'do not compete' agreement that means grizzly won't sell to canada and busybee won't sell to USA.

However busybee does have 'freight subsitys' on many of there items, I got my 12x36 lathe delivered to my door with liftgate for free, course I only live 40 miles from the store.. I think the subsity was like $300 max though.

Why do you want a 14x40? I know the threading/etc controls are nicer but it seems like such a small upgrade from 12x36"

01-02-2010, 09:44 PM
Why do you want a 14x40? I know the threading/etc controls are nicer but it seems like such a small upgrade from 12x36"

The 14x40 is a Engine Lathe The 12x36 is a bench lathe.

01-02-2010, 10:43 PM
Ron of Va, I had checked the specs out and you are correct it says in the spec sheet of the new 1440 that it has NSK precision tapered roller bearings. Also the no selling to Canada by Grizzly I have heard about before. As mbensema stated I would have to drive down and pick it up. This presents not much of problem for me as I could have it drop shipped to Langdon, ND and drive the 40 miles and get it.

Black Moons, the reason I wish to go from a 12x36 to a 1440 is not so much in the swing size change but one based more in rigidity. Well kind of combination of both. YOu see the Atlas 12x36 only has small spindle hole in the headstock, 3/4 inch or 7/8 I cannot recall exactly as I haven's measured it lately. I just know it is too small. To go from the Atlas to a newer 12x36 or 1440 is a gain in rigidity in magnitudes. I had the chance to do a little work on our local welding school 13x40 chinese unit and the difference is like night and day. A friend of mine actually purchased a 1440 unit that is pretty much identical to the YCL 1440 birmingham and really likes it.

The reason I would probably get the unit out of the U.S. is based probably strictly cost savings. I know busy bee sells the same looking 1440 as what the YCL1440 appears to be however at a much higher price as seen advertised in the states. Quality Machine Tools also advertises the Birmingham units as well. He used to advertise free shipping and used to ship to Canada as well. I dont know if this is still the case.

Like I mentioned my biggest concern is after sales service, warranty issues etc.

01-03-2010, 07:14 PM
I apparently spoke too soon, the 2010 catalog says Grizzly is now shipping to Canada. Don't know if that includes all the products, it says to call customer service for details.

01-20-2014, 10:23 PM
well heres my 1st post. I bought the Grizzly G0709g lathe with the G9901 mill back in December 2013 orderd them on a Friday after noon got em on wed. around 3:30 pm from ups so far thay have lived up to there name good solid machines hear is a link to my youtube page wher I have put some vids of the lathe


01-21-2014, 09:10 AM
Have you checked "King Canada" ? Basicly the same machines, but the King machines seem to be a little better in fit etc.

01-21-2014, 09:19 AM
This thread is 4 years old. If he hasn't decided on a lathe by now...... ;)