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06-05-2001, 12:31 AM
Does any one know of a company making a hardened tool steel semi-cirle shim-set
for aligning the bed on my sloppily constructed Arcan 40 Ton Bench Press
The bed rocks back and forth between opposite corners suggesting the need for shimming
If I were to machine the frame or the bed I'm pretty sure it would increase the potential for shearing
Especially since I use the press dedicated to punch 5/8" holes with a UNIT Tool C Frame
It makes a violent thrash as the hole is punched at about 20 tons (even though every thing is clamped and bolted down securely)

These shims would have to be hard enough to take the 40 Tons with out shearing but not so hard they would crack from repeated hole punching
They would have to be shaped like a C so as to fit around the 1-1/4 pins the table rests on
Also they would have to have some type of tangs that could be bent down so they wouldnt fall out...
Any ideas or sugestions greatly appreciated

06-13-2001, 10:28 PM
Look into the Bearing houses.
we use shims that are close to what you describe for shimming motors and drives.
The shims are stainless and we have
seem very little deformation ander high loads.

06-14-2001, 08:35 PM
Thanks Jimco
What I ended up doing was cutting the handles that were welded around the twin I-Beam press bed and grinded off the two plates that were welded between them that were primarily used to assist in raising and lowering the bed and the two I-Beams lay on the pins very flat and reasonably square to the ram
(The fault in this press is the hastily constructed bed it was so far out of wack I probably wouldnt of gotten 50 holes out of the unit tool)
Next I drilled holes above and below the pins on each side and thru the verticals I made these holes larger than they had to be so that when you aplly ram force to the bed and it deflects they wont shear off
Basically all these bolts are doing is keeping the I-Beams up agains the frame the pins are doing the actual holding
all I had to do after that was shim my UniTool holding jig so that the ram contacts and follows thru in a true line
It appears to have worked I have punched several hundred holes since and everything is staying square and the Unit Tool should
do well