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These days it seem that my postings on the forum are more question related rather than those related to tips, tricks, etc.

What I'm searching for is a conversion table to take a finger ring size to a decimal equivalent. For example, at a jeweler's recently, my little finger measured at 7 on their big hoop of sizing rings.

It would seem reasonable that a ring size should have a mathematical function to get a decimal equivalent. I talked to a local clock maker, jeweler, etc. here locally who really knows his craft and even he couldn't provide an answer. So I thought I'd throw this out to the forum and see what if anything might be offered. I'm mainly interested in US ring sizing as I understand that our brothers across the big pond have a different sizing standard.

Thanks in advance!

PS: As an after thought, I suppose I could take my dial calipers to the local guy and measure each ring size and make notes, but I really hate to approach them with that proposition.

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From my web site...

The ID (in) of a finger ring can be found from ID=0.032*R+0.458 where R is the ring size, e.g., size 6 ring has an id of 0.65 in.

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Very handy conversion...too bad it doesn't go big enough to cover my size 14+ fingers. :confused:

02-03-2010, 07:48 AM
Thanks All, I knew I'd get an answer here.