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03-02-2010, 09:42 AM
Hi Guys.

I'm designing my own version of the Springfield Armory M6 Scout. I've got a handle on everything but the barrels. I need a .22LR barrel and a .410 barrel. All I have been able to find are the expensive target barrels. Are there any normal contour barrels around? It'd be nice to have a source for inexpensive barrels that I can hack up and modify without spending so much $$$.

Any ideas?


I've been contemplating the choke on the M6, but have not been able to find info on the gun. Any leads would be appreciated, because I have not been able to find a source for a .410 barrel, and I may have to make my own. So I ask again, are there any sources out there for .410 barrel blanks?

03-02-2010, 09:55 AM

for .22 barrels look for used 10/22 barrels and cut and contour them as you want.

For the .410 barrel you could try www.e-gunparts.com, if they don't have any on their site call them as they don't list everything in their inventory. Another source would be a barrel from an old H&R topper or NEF single shot shotgun and again modify it as you see fit.

Gun shows are great places to pick up used & sometimes new barrels at a reasonable price. Check with one of your shooting buddies to see which local shows have the greatest chance of having a "parts guy" show up. I have even gotten barrels from some of the small local shops. You would be surprised what some of these shops have stuffed away in the back room.

Finally to add a twist to your project. I noticed Gunparts h as a 45 cal rifled barrel in stock. Have you thought about going the Taurus Judge root and putting a rifled barrel chambered for .410 rounds so you could shoot 45 Long Colts (Colt) pistol rounds thru it. That would give you a third option in the same rifle and little more umph if you needed it... Just a thought...

Good luck with your project...


03-02-2010, 11:17 AM
Midway carries the Adams & Bennet brand which is about the cheapest new barrel you will find. Other sources for used barrels include gun-broker, Numerich arms (new and used), and want adds on any of the various shooting forums.