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04-11-2010, 11:53 PM
My parkerizing setup:

I started out with 1 tank I bought on ebay for $90 but I needed another for the pre treatment Shooters solutions sells.

I found a stainless steel cabinet that hospitals use to keep food warm and cut up the doors to make the tank.

I donít have a sheet metal brake so I bolted the sheet metal between 2 pieces of bar stock and bent them over with a hammer.

I used my father in laws mig welder with gas to weld up the 2 homemade tanks I made, the first time I ever used a mig welder.

The welds looked terrible and the tanks leaked badly. I tried to use gas with some stainless steel filler rod which didnít work muck better.

Now the Parkerizing tanks are only for liquid that gets to 190 F so I figured I would try some JB weld on the outside corners which worked perfectly.

I would not subject the JB weld to direct flame but other than that they are still working.

The Pipe burners:

The pipe burners that Brownells sells are fairly expensive and really from the pictures look pretty simple.

The burners are just 1Ē iron pipe that I brazed shut on 1 end. ( didnít want to buy caps)
I drilled pairs of holes in a V down the pipe where it sits under the tank maybe a #18 drill for these.

The other end is a 3Ē to 1Ē reducer with a cap. The cap has holes drilled in it so air can mix with the propane. (They are not adjustable)

In the middle of the cap I drilled a 3/8Ē hole for the propane. The piece of 3/8 pipe was plugged and brazed then drilled using a small drill like a #50 or something like that.

The rest of the setup is just various pieces of pipe joined together with pipe dope for use on gas.

I use propane for fuel and I read somewhere that a gas grill regulator did not flow enough, so I used a regulator from a turkey fryer which I bought to smelt lead for bullets.

To maximize the use of heat from the burners I put the pipes fairly close to the bottom of the stainless tanks.

I also use some scrap to cover the burners from the sides so the draft does not blow it out.

I can get the setup up to temp in about 15 minutes.

Once I get done using the pre-park solution I turn off that burner which is why the valve is there.


JB welded stainless tank


Side view of pipe.

Frame for tanks is simply angle irion and steel fence posts



04-11-2010, 11:55 PM

Side view with homemade lid.

I know this setup looks pretty crapped but it is functional which was all I cared about when I built it

04-14-2010, 04:06 AM
I modified a tank I found at the scrap yard I was gonna JB weld it too, don't know what type of SS it is but it's hard, anyway I silver soldered it, I re-parked my M1 carbine about 5 years ago and I haven't used the tank since :D , everything I've done since then I can fit into a 4 quart pot on a hot plate. Thanks for the burner info I'll keep that in mind.