View Full Version : O.T. Gas regulator

07-11-2010, 12:02 PM
Our travel trailer has the usual auto-switch propane regulator, and it's giving me fits.

I replaced it a few years ago because the auto-switcher seemed to leave a quart or more of liquid in the "empty" tank. A year or so later, the fridge wasn't cooling properly, and I traced it to low gas pressure: maybe 6 or 7 inches W.C., where it should be 11". Reinstalled the old regulator, only to find that it was pretty much the same. Cranked down the adjustment and got JUST 11" of pressure. Ran that way for another year or so.

As the manual switch valve was getting sticky (it's probably 30+ years old), I decided to reinstall the 'new' regulator. Even cranking the screw all the way 'in' would only get 7 or 8 inches of pressure. I switched springs, even stretched it out, and wasn't able to get over maybe 9" of pressure.

Went to the hardware store and got a much stiffer spring. Had to cut it off by 3/4" or so to get the pressure down to 11", but it seems to be functional now.

Any thoughts? Am I leaving myself open to problems? Is this a usual thing with gas regulators?