View Full Version : Emco Compact 10 rebuild - need info on motor drive set-up

Bill Pace
08-19-2010, 11:49 AM
Some of your remember the hurricane Katrina machines I got - Southbend lathe, Barker mill and an Emco Compact 10 lathe. The Emco was by far the worst for damage and I have put off trying to do anything with it, but the summer heat blahs finally got to me and I decided I needed something to do! So, I am getting close to finishing up with what I had - which isnt everything!

Like the 2 other machines, the Emco had had very little use and shows no perceptible wear. The bed looks bad, but Lane and I agree that the pitting wont affect the machining capability - the apron, tail stock etc is in much better condition.

The drive train for the spindle and lead screw was disassembled when I got it and much of it is missing. I have a treadmill motor to use for power, but the two 3 step pulley set-up and mount off the motor is missing. I have the pulley for the spindle so I know what type belts it will use -- what I need it the dimensions of those other 2 sheaves, If I had that I think I could make up patterns and do castings and get a good start on machining them out.

Anybody got a Compact 10, or 11 (supposedly the same) or one of the other 10s, with the mill or with the transmission that would get the dimensions off these 2 pulleys? Send me a PM, or email?

If it comes to it I can probably change it over to conventional v-belt type sheaves, but -- I'd rather not...


Bob D.
08-19-2010, 01:59 PM
try the yahoo group:


Someone there will assist you. I have an Emco Maximat and got a lot of help from these folks. Sorry I can't help you directly as my machine is very different from yours.

Bill Pace
08-19-2010, 03:12 PM
Thanks Bob, shoulda known there would be a yahoo site:rolleyes: -- theres a yahoo site for everything!! I'll check it out, if its like a lot of the other sites, there may even be something in the files section already...