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12-01-2003, 11:20 PM
Well, maybe some of you remember all my questions about a manual mill and so forth. Now I have a few questions about CNC.

I would like to get into small line of manufacturing parts. I was looking around at used machining centers, and even found some under 20,000 dollars. Fadal seemed to be a well-known name and I would like to focus on this mill(the reason I mention this mill is because the company is less then 30 minutes from my house): http://www.graymachinery.com/Grayinv.nsf/(All)/499419919AA36BCC86256DEF001183A7?Op enDocument (http://www.graymachinery.com/Grayinv.nsf/(All)/499419919AA36BCC86256DEF001183A7?OpenDocument)

I think that will go for more then 20k dollars, buts its just a basic idea of the size and capacity mill I need.

Now the questions:
1) Do I need 3-phase power, or are there other options?
2) Would a knee-type(Bridgeport, etc.) mill with CNC controls be capable to do nearly the same quality work?
3) What other things are needed to get this mill to run in a small shop?
4) How much would adding a rotary table cost to add to this mill?

Thank you all ahead of time.

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