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12-03-2003, 12:52 PM
Yesterday i went to a pawn shop, saw a kennedy top and bottom box, for $375.00 though it was not worth it, I proceded to open drawers, in the deepest i found som stuff like lathe dogs, several carbide tipped lathe bits, about 40 hss lathe bits 15 or so drill bits below 1/2",3 1/2" tee nuts, 6 end mills, some cheap wrenches, and a 1" counter bore in good cond.

SO I CALL THE GUY OVER KNOWING THEY WOULDNT have left the stuff in there if it was worth any thein to them, asked how much? he said $10.00, i said five he said, done, do you want a box to put it in?

Right place at the right time.