View Full Version : Balluf Sensor, How Do I Test This?

Liger Zero
12-01-2010, 11:59 AM
Found a couple of Balluf sensors in my rummage bin. Not sure if they are good or bad... short of disturbing production that I need a way to test 'em.

More or less a metal tab flies in front of the sensor and triggers it, causing Things To Happen if the switch works right.

The relevant numbers from the switch:

BES 516-211-e5-e-s5
20-250v AC/DC
sN = 5mm



12-01-2010, 01:24 PM
According to my Balluff cat. they are 5mm sense range, 20 to 250v AC or DC, two wire type. Normally open.
Max load current 250Ma.
Looking into the end of the connector the pin under the key is GND, The other two are the supply, so you need a resistor in series with either pin that limits the current to under 250Ma, 5Ma minimum calculated on whatever supply voltage you want to use, for e.g. 240ohms on 24v = 100ma.
Polarity does not matter.
Forgot to mention, if they do not have a LED indicator then you would need to measure the voltage across the resistor when tripped to see if they turn on/off.