View Full Version : Pre-ToolGloat Notification on Grinders

12-01-2010, 06:28 PM
I just purchased a covel 6x12 surface grinder with a brown and Sharp permanent magnet chuck and a covel Yankee drill grinder for the princely sum of $250 after a journey to Dayton from a wedding in Indianapolis. The only hitch is that they are still in Dayton Ohio at Advanced Machine Tool Companies. The shipping will raise the price some but still. . . Not bad for 3/4 of a ton of iron.

AMC also had a little museum of all sorts of machines that HSM's would drool over like a tiny Atlas horizontal mill and some very small 100 year old Hardinge lathes. None of these cool old tools are for sale however.

The complete gloat will be rebroadcast next week when the grinders arrive and I can take pictures and determine the exact condition. All I was able to determine was that the spindles turn and don't seem to make any bad sounding noises when turned by hand.

Anybody have any info on covel surface grinders or covel Yankee drill bit grinders?


Liger Zero
12-01-2010, 09:06 PM
Your pre-gloat has been noted and logged in the Gloat Database. Please update with pictures as soon as possible or you will be moved to the "phantom gloat" category.