View Full Version : Keyless chuck cleaning.

12-04-2010, 03:47 AM
Have several key-less chucks, after some time they are bound to get dirty. I have been taking stuff apart and putting it back together for decades, it's no longer fun, I know a lot of you guys have to feel the same way.
These drill chucks felt gritty, here is what was done (with out taking them apart.
Wont help if they have a integral shaft.
If they use an adapter, pull that and fill the taper with thin flushing solvent like Kerosene or thin spindle oil. Repeat till it runs out clean, (it's not sudden) then do this same thing with way oil for the bearing lubrication. Repeat to be sure that all the flushing oil is remove.
I was supprised at the dirt that came out.
It now feels like a good ball bearing when turning.
AND, I did not have to take it apart :D

It helps to open and close the chuck during flushing.