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rp designs
12-18-2010, 05:21 PM
Is there a mill version of a tool post grinder? Just curious since I don't know much about the subject and a search yields a ton of answers but nothing relevant.

uncle pete
12-18-2010, 05:30 PM
Yeah there is, Most that I've seen in various catalogs use air to drive the spindle, Usually set up like a boring head for various bore sizes. Hold onto your wallet tho. Large sticker shock. They also made, Make? what are called jig grinding machines. I'd imagine it's all pretty well CNC now. Is it a good idea to do grinding on your mill? Possible with adequate protection like covering up EVERYTHING it plastic sheeting. Would probably be a large PITA too.


12-18-2010, 06:24 PM
Vulcanaire is one manufacturer of jig grinders. they have a dust collection system built in.

12-18-2010, 06:59 PM
Moore makes really nice Jig borers and grinders but these tend to be more for making holes.

You could probably rig a quality Die grinder and make a decent setup (at least with small stones) but I wouldn't expect to grind large surfaces and you would have to cover all the ways and spindle as stated in a previous post.

What do you need to grind? If you are needing to do the job of a surface grinder I would say forget it. In addition to having a nice grinder spindle, surface grinders have very precise tables that run very square and flat which is how the flat and square surfaces are generated.


rp designs
12-18-2010, 08:08 PM
Just a curiosity question really.