View Full Version : I do not need a shaper !!

Liger Zero
12-31-2010, 07:28 PM
Thank you to both HSM members who offered to sell me a shaper.

I have one at "work" my master machinist insisted I get one. I don't know anything about it... He's used it quite a few times to build production fixtures. I intend to learn it though!

The information I posted is intended for folks looking to buy a shaper, I know there are a few folks on here who want one. Lots of small old-school shops are being liquidated as the economy switches to optics, digital printing and food-prep and packaging. CNC is all the rage here, manual shops are closing down daily.

Frankly that's too bad, you never know when you might need something made on a Grand Old Mill or a Giant Lathe. Same with turret lathes and screw machines.

Ah well.