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01-03-2011, 03:48 PM
Hello, First post- great site I have been reading for a long time and finally have a question .I was wondering if anyone might know off hand or has a set of BP 2 pc nuts they could measure .The reason I'm asking is I have an older Kondia FV-1 vertical mill that I'm starting to go through to see what all it needs to get it running one of the issues is it will need nuts on the x&y . The y screw must have been replaced at some point and it is usable the y is not. The nuts are worn to a razor edge and have been adjusted over time to the maximum. Parts are available through clausing and I have emailed them still have not heard from them but past experiance with a Colchester lathe (qoute for one 44 tooth gear was $2000.00)tells me it will be large sums possibly have to sell the house LOL so I was just pondering other possibilitys while waiting.If I had the OD the lengths of the 2 pcs and the width and depth of the keyway slot in the nuts also verify they are 1 1/4" 5 tpi acme I could see if they could be worked with and adapted. The prices I have seen for them seem reasonable.I have a plan for the y screw using a new pc of nook precision ground lead screw material. The mill is for hobby use and I do not have much tied up in it so I'm trying to get it running at a reasonable cost.It has a couple other issues but this is a good starting point.Thank you for all help and your time I am open to all suggestions for the repair . Chris

01-03-2011, 04:44 PM
If you have a lathe, you could easily single-point the thread. You already have the outside dimensions of the nut.

01-03-2011, 06:12 PM
I do have a lathe but it also has work needed in the headstock this is how I ended up with the mill I went to pick up a Colchester master 2500 lathe for parts because I needed it for the gear mentioned above showed up with a boom truck and the people wanted the mill out of their garage and long story short I have 2 machine tools to fix .The reason I was curious about the BP nuts is if they are close it would save a bunch of machine work and I was wondering if you could buy the bronze bar stock for what I see these nuts available for on some sites. But you are right about making them and that could just be the way it has to happen thanks for the suggestion