View Full Version : VFD and motor conversion to Busybee CT054 Mill. Show-n-tell.

01-27-2011, 08:26 PM
Hi guys:

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You may recall that a good friend gave me a brand new Baldor 3PH 3HP motor a while back. Hmmm, shorthand might be PH3HP
After many nights and weekends, I finally got the whole thing together. I can't believe how long this stuff takes me, if I was a machinist I would surely be fired.

Here are the mount parts, all are made from steel, the angle braces are CR1018, the rest is hot rolled(whatever that is).


I had to drill holes in the cast iron to mount these parts and got a lot more respect for the strength of the machine during that process. You can see the mounting ears for the original mount in this picture. The motor swung on these ears with a through pin, the assembly weighed 50Lbs. The new assembly weighs 70Lbs but is supported straight off the back so doesn't present any deadweight torque.

Mount from below.


Mount from above. You can see the 2 x 10 I had between the ladder and shop crane to assist in getting the new motor up there.


Here's the motor in place. It was jacked up without any trouble and slides fore and aft in the slots quite easily with slight persuasion.


01-27-2011, 08:26 PM
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You may also recall helping me find a VFD in Canada. Thanks to you guys and a bit of dumb luck, I muddled through and ended up with a very nice used Mitsubishi A200 which is capable of driving the motor from a 220V single phase source. As suggested, I brought out 'START', 'STOP', 'FWD/REV', and 'SPEED'. 'STOP' is not on this panel, it's in front of my right knee. I was about to label the panel but decided everything was so intuitive that it made no sense. I spent $20 on a cool 3 turn pot so can dial in speed far more precisely than necessary.


Here is the whole package, now you can see the 'STOP' switch.


So that's the whole deal. I'm really happy with the operation of the VFD, I'll need a Hi/Lo belt system eventually but for now it happily runs between 600 and 3000 RPM.
I'd like to know if anyone else here has the Busybee CT054 Mill.